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About our Bike Fitter

Bike Fitting and Rehab logoBorn and raised in Southeast Arkansas, Maxwell Sawyer began racing and training for triathlons and running competitions after high school.  He accumulated multiple regional and state champion in both running and triathlon events while in college.  After graduating, he pursued a professional triathlon career with an elite team out of Dallas, TX until an injury prevented him from being able to swim.  He then transitioned to racing bicycles and working in bike shops full-time with Elite Cycling team Matrix/RBM out of Richardson, TX.  He became certified as a professional bike fitter through Specialized Bicycles Body Geometry fitting protocol and worked as a fitter for Richardson Bike Mart for two years. 

During his bike fitting days in Dallas, he realized that most riders needed more than a professional level bike fit.  There were often underlying issues with imbalances in strength, flexibility, and biomechanics in each cyclist.  He then decided to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas so that he could broaden his knowledge and ability to help not only cyclists, but all people on their athletic, fitness, and health journeys.

Maxwell continues to race bicycles at an elite level in both gravel and road racing disciplines and enjoys riding his mountain bike on the trails outside of his home in Bella Vista, AR.  Also an avid rock climber, indoors and outside, he loves to study and discuss the nuanced biomechanics of climbing movement any opportunity he can, so feel free to find him at Climb Bentonville for a chat. 

Why Premiere Bike Fit?

Bike FittingAt Premiere, we take the same evidence-based approach to fitting cyclists as we do treating our patients.  For many cyclists, it is easy to blame an ill-fitting bike as the reason for discomfort while riding, and in some cases, they could be correct.  However, for a large number of athletes, discomfort stems from musculoskeletal issues that may or may not be related to cycling at all. 

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are uniquely trained in recognizing and treating these musculoskeletal movement disorders and for a majority of athletes, a bike fit alone is not sufficient in treating the root cause of the problem.  That is why all our fitting services start with a comprehensive medical and athletic history, appropriate biomechanical assessment and determination of goals the athlete would like to achieve in their cycling to help direct the priorities of the fit session. 

At Premiere, we also understand that for many riders, a single session is not enough to determine and correct issues related to bike fit, especially those that have persisted over time.  For our advanced and elite fits, we require follow-up sessions.  Many athletes need to ease into a new position and reassess as they begin to address issues off the bike.  These follow-up sessions also include review of home exercise programs and mobility prescriptions specifically tailored to the athlete. 

Maxwell is the only certified bike fitter and Doctor of Physical Therapy in the Bentonville, Rogers, and Bella Vista area, combining the best of professional bike fittings and professional level physical therapy to NWA.

Beginner Bike Fit
1 session, 1.5 hours,  $150

Appropriate for recreational or competitive cyclists with new bike purchases of road/gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

  • Off-bike Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Saddle height/fore aft adjustment
  • Handlebar adjustment

Advanced Bike Fit
2 sessions, 2.5-3 hours, $275

Appropriate for recreational or competitive cyclists looking to optimize their position on the bike to improve power and enhance comfort on any style of bike including triathlon/time trial bikes.   Performing the fit over two sessions allows time for the athlete's body to adjust to the new fit and make further changes based on rider feedback during the second session. 

  • Off-bike physical therapy assessment
  • Detailed cycling history and goals
  • Cleat adjustment/foot biomechanical assessment
  • Saddle height/fore aft adjustment
  • Handlebar adjustment
  • Triathlon aerobar adjustment if necessary

Elite Bike Fit
3 sessions, 4.5-5 hours, $400

Appropriate for all cyclists who are looking to maximize their performance and position on the bike for power, comfort, and aerodynamics.  A perfect fit requires time for the athlete to adjust and provide feedback to the fitter.  For this reason, a relationship between fitter and rider is built over multiple sessions in order to ensure fit optimization.  This option is also appropriate for riders who have been battling injuries that may benefit from therapy services beyond a bike fit. 

  • Off-bike physical therapy assessment
  • Detailed cycling history and goals
  • Cleat adjustment/foot biomechanical assessment
  • Saddle height/fore aft adjustment
  • Handlebar adjustment
  • Home exercise/mobility recommendations to improve cycling biomechanics
  • Home exercise program
  • Access to fitter via email and text
  • Optional outdoor ride with fitter to assess position and biomechanics in real time

Bike Fit

What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for getting me to a place where my knee surgeon is saying I am making him look good. The truth is that I am making you look great because you are a GREAT therapist. Thanks Premiere!!."

"We send the majority of our physical therapy patients to Premiere for physical therapy. All of our patients love Steven and the staff! We are very happy with the care our patients receive. - Dr. DW."

"Over the years I have had physical therapy at three different clinics. My experience at Premiere was the best of the three experiences. The results have been great and the time at your clinic was enjoyable. Thank you for your sincere concern and medical skills. - Mike C"