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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique to treat pain or movement impairments by inserting thin needles into your muscle trigger points. Trigger points are knotted areas in your muscle that are highly sensitive and painful when touched. Dry needling is used to stimulate the tissue- no medicine is injected. The aim of dry needling is to achieve a twitch response in order to release tension or pain. The needle used is very thin, and most patients do not even feel it enter into the skin.

When you come for your appointment, your therapist will spend time evaluating your pain to determine the best treatment plan. During treatment, you may experience different sensations such as muscle soreness, aching and twitching- that is a good sign! Electrical stimulation can also be used to enhance results. The most common result is relaxation of the muscle and decrease in pain and dysfunction.

A few problems that can be treated are: hamstring tightness, calf tightness or spasms, glute pain, tendinitis, neck or back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and jaw pain.

Come in for a visit to see if your pain can be alleviated by trying dry needling!

What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for getting me to a place where my knee surgeon is saying I am making him look good. The truth is that I am making you look great because you are a GREAT therapist. Thanks Premiere!!."

"We send the majority of our physical therapy patients to Premiere for physical therapy. All of our patients love Steven and the staff! We are very happy with the care our patients receive. - Dr. DW."

"Over the years I have had physical therapy at three different clinics. My experience at Premiere was the best of the three experiences. The results have been great and the time at your clinic was enjoyable. Thank you for your sincere concern and medical skills. - Mike C"