Our Physical Therapy Clinics

Premiere Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is a physical therapist owned and operated physical rehabilitation practice that offers patients hands on personalized service by our highly skilled and dedicated physical therapists. Founded in 2007 by Steven Sanders, PT, Premiere offers a convenient location for Bentonville, Arkansas area residents, prompt scheduling and extremely professional physical therapy services.

Premiere has an outstanding team of compassionate professionals with strong work experience and credentials that want the best for their patients. Our friendly office staff will enthusiastically welcome you, help you to complete your paperwork and guide you to a pleasant therapy experience. Our therapists will listen to you, understand what you are experiencing and find the optimum methods to improve your health. Our services are focused on delivering the best possible outcome for every patient.

Our Mission:

  • At Premiere Physical Therapy our number one priority is the patient. Our compassionate clinicians provide a one-on-one individualized treatment approach. More than sufficient time is allowed for each patient so that we can ensure proper treatment progression and secure the best outcome for our patients.
  • Be the best and most well respected provider of physical rehabilitation services and products.
  • Identify and implement the best practices to provide the most clinically effective rehabilitation services.
  • Premiere offers each patient the highest level of service along with our expertise in order to greatly improve disability, injury, and disease.

Our Values:

  • Promoting a courteous and compassionate atmosphere in which patients will feel comfortable communicating and working with their therapist
  • Maintaining a close relationship with physicians to facilitate a strong referral base and effective collaboration to provide the highest quality patient care
  • Striving to support staff members in their continuing education endeavors to provide the most skilled, efficient, and current treatments available
  • Being an accessible resource for the community


What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for getting me to a place where my knee surgeon is saying I am making him look good. The truth is that I am making you look great because you are a GREAT therapist. Thanks Premiere!!."

"We send the majority of our physical therapy patients to Premiere for physical therapy. All of our patients love Steven and the staff! We are very happy with the care our patients receive. - Dr. DW."

"Over the years I have had physical therapy at three different clinics. My experience at Premiere was the best of the three experiences. The results have been great and the time at your clinic was enjoyable. Thank you for your sincere concern and medical skills. - Mike C"