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Tendons are the attachments of muscles to bones, and the suffix "itis" means inflammation. Inflammation of the tendons is a common injury that can occur, usually with a new activity or increase of activity.

You may have heard your tendinitis called "Golfer's Elbow," "Tennis Elbow," or "Runner's Knee." The approach to treating this has several facets. You may need to rest from your aggravating motion or activity to let this area heal, as well as use anti-inflammatory treatments. Your doctor may suggest a steroid injection to directly affect the swelling. Keeping the joint and surrounding muscles stretched is helpful, as well as strengthening your muscles.

Physical Therapy treatments can help decrease your pain and get you back into the activity that you love!

What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for getting me to a place where my knee surgeon is saying I am making him look good. The truth is that I am making you look great because you are a GREAT therapist. Thanks Premiere!!."

"We send the majority of our physical therapy patients to Premiere for physical therapy. All of our patients love Steven and the staff! We are very happy with the care our patients receive. - Dr. DW."

"Over the years I have had physical therapy at three different clinics. My experience at Premiere was the best of the three experiences. The results have been great and the time at your clinic was enjoyable. Thank you for your sincere concern and medical skills. - Mike C"